The Laughing Warriors

Lost Loves and Dragon Mates
Adventure 4

In attendance: Hiszgorr the Poisonous, Iris Marisgold Caterwaul III, Quilian Ravenshade, Selina Vigilance

Boarding The Fury, the Laughing Warriors set off on the journey over the Strangely-Calm Sea towards Asreds Dominion. The voyage causes a few delays, leading to being a few days off shore before the full moon.

The evening of the full moon, the ship is set upon by a band of underwater skeletons. As the party fends them off, The Lost Love emerges from the fog, captained by the wailing form of an incorporeal banshee.

Iris calls upon the pearl given to her by her friend Faye, who calls upon a school of dolphins to block the remaining skeletons and propel the ship along. They escaped the ghost ship, but had to worry about supplies running low and a second night of the full moon. After a tense vote whether to try and attack The Lost Love or find an island to camp out on, the seasick Ilde votes to run away.

The party finds a secluded island, and after camping on the shore, are approached by kobold natives. They show deference to Hiszgorr, who assume he is there to mate with the dragon ruler of the island.

The party is shown to the center to meet Gnawbones, who Hiszgorr guesses has suffered an injury that doesn’t allow her to leave the island. They work out a deal that Hiszgorr will deliver a message (bound with a scale) and they will take four kobolds from the island with them in exchange for supplies. Umit, an albino kobold of uncommon intelligence, sneaks aboard as well.

The rest of the journey is uneventful, landing on shore and making their way to the port city of Vianti on their way to the Narubulin Sphere.

Into the Roil
Adventure 3

In attendance: Farzad, Hiszgorr the Poisonous, Ilde Sweetlaughter, Quilian Ravenshade, Selina Vigilance

After diving in, the group emerges in an underground cavern. A scuffle ensues with a Bullywug scouting party. Some scouting reveals more tunnels, one which branches off into a strange earth creature making new tunnels. The other way leads to a Bullywug encampment, where they’ve captured Otillio and a goblin. Selina uses a disguise self spell to look like a Bullywug and secure the release of Otillio, and is given an accompanying pair of giant frogs.

Meanwhile, Quillian and Hizgorr hear a group of goblins coming, and uses illusions to convince them that bullywugs are nearby.

Returning to the group, they decide to point the goblins and bullywugs at each other. In order to proceed, the group slaughters the innocent giant frogs.

The plan goes as expected, with the goblins and bullywugs attacking each other, but the bullywugs gain the upper hand by bringing the battle into the room with The Maw of a 1000 Mouths Which Will Devour the World, who devour the goblins. The Laughing Warriors charge in to battle against The Maw and its bullywug servants. A rough fight ensues, but The Maw is released from its physical form.

The party rests in the bullywugs’ former encampment, Farzad realizing then that the structure was a waypoint in the lost ancient Travelers temple, though there seems no easy explanation for how it could be there. Hiszgorr begins to theorize that this area is some kind of overlap with the elemental planes.

Exploring the tunnels further, the party comes across the goblin camp where Iris and Faye were previously held. Faye agrees to help the party get to the surface, with Farzad using his wilderness skills to construct crude bladders of air. A trip through elemental muck later, the party emerges next to the Fury, captained by El Tiburón. He agrees to take the party where they want to go nearby. They decide to go to Asreds Dominion, which El Tiburón cautions will require going past hobogoblin ships, sea monsters, and Captain Julius Swift.

Notable treasure: Scroll with 3 1st level wizard spells, Faye’s Pearl.

Alain the Survivor
Adventure 2

In attendance: Farzad Hiszgorr the Poisonous Ilde Sweetlaughter Iris Marisgold Caterwaul III Quilian Ravenshade Selina Vigilance

Farzod, Quilian, and Selina arrive on Razorrock Peaks and investigate the camp, until they are recruited to become members of the Laughing Warriors. After some preparation and investigation at camp, the assault is launched on the floating islands of the Celestial Summits. The Laughing Warriors decide to try and defect to The Birds, though a language barrier prevents true communication. Oksten and a few of the recruits run towards the hobgoblins. The bridge is dropped, injuring several of the carriers, including Alain whose legs are crushed underneath.

The Birds clear the way for the Warriors, but the hobgoblins still advance. A pitched battle commences against a hobgoblin squad and their captain, inflicting some heavy damage before the Warriors are able to escape. Coming to the edge of The Roil, they see that the Halfling Team is close to planting their bridge on the first island. Otherwise, they’re hemmed in. After trying to communicate with the last Bird accompanying them, they decide to dive into The Roil, as Alain flies away with the bird.

Laughing Warriors
Adventure 1

In attendance: Hiszgorr the Poisonous, Ilde Sweetlaughter, Iris Marisgold Caterwaul III

A new shipment of conscripts arrive in Razorrock Peaks, having been abducted and brought by slaver ship. Taskmaster Morg greets the new “recruits” and leads them inland, where Melek quizzes the new arrivals under the guise of having a panic attack.

Ilde recognizes the banners as being part of the Kine Veil Absolute. Hiszgorr takes the chance to demand to speak to the Khan. Upon meeting Khan Korgas, however, they regretted it, managing to request being put on an elite force. The Khan assigns them to Bridge duty.

The group passes by four massive stone bridges, detached and laying in the sand, and in the distance, floating islands hover in the distance.

The group surveys the camp for those on bridge duty, and singles out the largest structure. Bursting in, the group uses a combination of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Sleep, scavenged weapons, a timely wildsurge, and a handful of Magic Missiles to take out the inhabitants. One of the gang members, Oksten, is offered a chance to join the group. At knifepoint, he accepts. The story of the Laughing Warriors gang spreads throughout the camp overnight.

Oksten explains that the hobgoblins want to seize the nearby floating islands, warring against The Birds who roost there. Slave labor is used to get the bridges in position to attack when an island drifts close enough.

The Laughing Warriors start surveying the camp for others to recruit for their gang, and to help with their bridge, for the next assault comes the next day.

Rewards: 200xp, some makeshift weapons, a few scavenged coins and supplies


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