The Laughing Warriors

Laughing Warriors
Adventure 1

In attendance: Hiszgorr the Poisonous, Ilde Sweetlaughter, Iris Marisgold Caterwaul III

A new shipment of conscripts arrive in Razorrock Peaks, having been abducted and brought by slaver ship. Taskmaster Morg greets the new “recruits” and leads them inland, where Melek quizzes the new arrivals under the guise of having a panic attack.

Ilde recognizes the banners as being part of the Kine Veil Absolute. Hiszgorr takes the chance to demand to speak to the Khan. Upon meeting Khan Korgas, however, they regretted it, managing to request being put on an elite force. The Khan assigns them to Bridge duty.

The group passes by four massive stone bridges, detached and laying in the sand, and in the distance, floating islands hover in the distance.

The group surveys the camp for those on bridge duty, and singles out the largest structure. Bursting in, the group uses a combination of Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Sleep, scavenged weapons, a timely wildsurge, and a handful of Magic Missiles to take out the inhabitants. One of the gang members, Oksten, is offered a chance to join the group. At knifepoint, he accepts. The story of the Laughing Warriors gang spreads throughout the camp overnight.

Oksten explains that the hobgoblins want to seize the nearby floating islands, warring against The Birds who roost there. Slave labor is used to get the bridges in position to attack when an island drifts close enough.

The Laughing Warriors start surveying the camp for others to recruit for their gang, and to help with their bridge, for the next assault comes the next day.

Rewards: 200xp, some makeshift weapons, a few scavenged coins and supplies


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