The Laughing Warriors

Alain the Survivor

Adventure 2

In attendance: Farzad Hiszgorr the Poisonous Ilde Sweetlaughter Iris Marisgold Caterwaul III Quilian Ravenshade Selina Vigilance

Farzod, Quilian, and Selina arrive on Razorrock Peaks and investigate the camp, until they are recruited to become members of the Laughing Warriors. After some preparation and investigation at camp, the assault is launched on the floating islands of the Celestial Summits. The Laughing Warriors decide to try and defect to The Birds, though a language barrier prevents true communication. Oksten and a few of the recruits run towards the hobgoblins. The bridge is dropped, injuring several of the carriers, including Alain whose legs are crushed underneath.

The Birds clear the way for the Warriors, but the hobgoblins still advance. A pitched battle commences against a hobgoblin squad and their captain, inflicting some heavy damage before the Warriors are able to escape. Coming to the edge of The Roil, they see that the Halfling Team is close to planting their bridge on the first island. Otherwise, they’re hemmed in. After trying to communicate with the last Bird accompanying them, they decide to dive into The Roil, as Alain flies away with the bird.



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