The Laughing Warriors

Into the Roil

Adventure 3

In attendance: Farzad, Hiszgorr the Poisonous, Ilde Sweetlaughter, Quilian Ravenshade, Selina Vigilance

After diving in, the group emerges in an underground cavern. A scuffle ensues with a Bullywug scouting party. Some scouting reveals more tunnels, one which branches off into a strange earth creature making new tunnels. The other way leads to a Bullywug encampment, where they’ve captured Otillio and a goblin. Selina uses a disguise self spell to look like a Bullywug and secure the release of Otillio, and is given an accompanying pair of giant frogs.

Meanwhile, Quillian and Hizgorr hear a group of goblins coming, and uses illusions to convince them that bullywugs are nearby.

Returning to the group, they decide to point the goblins and bullywugs at each other. In order to proceed, the group slaughters the innocent giant frogs.

The plan goes as expected, with the goblins and bullywugs attacking each other, but the bullywugs gain the upper hand by bringing the battle into the room with The Maw of a 1000 Mouths Which Will Devour the World, who devour the goblins. The Laughing Warriors charge in to battle against The Maw and its bullywug servants. A rough fight ensues, but The Maw is released from its physical form.

The party rests in the bullywugs’ former encampment, Farzad realizing then that the structure was a waypoint in the lost ancient Travelers temple, though there seems no easy explanation for how it could be there. Hiszgorr begins to theorize that this area is some kind of overlap with the elemental planes.

Exploring the tunnels further, the party comes across the goblin camp where Iris and Faye were previously held. Faye agrees to help the party get to the surface, with Farzad using his wilderness skills to construct crude bladders of air. A trip through elemental muck later, the party emerges next to the Fury, captained by El Tiburón. He agrees to take the party where they want to go nearby. They decide to go to Asreds Dominion, which El Tiburón cautions will require going past hobogoblin ships, sea monsters, and Captain Julius Swift.

Notable treasure: Scroll with 3 1st level wizard spells, Faye’s Pearl.



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